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This Website has 5 to 8 pages, an inexpensive yearly fee, is easy to alter and it comes in 3 parts.

1: Hosting:

Usually allow €70 annually, this will cover you if your Site visitors only need to look at content, pictures, details and, perhaps, look to make contact with ye.

2. Domain:

The “” is about €15 per year to lease.

3: Content:

Your site can be updated, altered or changed, via Smartphone, on the fly, with the WordPress App.

I am using for Hosting and Domain registration.

Just tell them you need a brochure website and new domain name.

Give it a day or two as servers are backed-up everyday so there may be a delay.

Normally, the process can take, well, less than a fortnight.

If you are interested,  I can talk you through the process and get you up to speed.

 (Prices dated April 2021)

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